The Spears Ancestory

of the Eastern Kentucky Highlands
Family Ties
Joel Martin Wright

Joel Martin Wright married Susanah ??. Joel and Susanah were first located on an 1804 tax list of Russell County, Virginia. They remained there until about 1822, when Joel moved his family to Perry (now Letcher) County, Kentucky, settling on Boone Fork of the North Fork of the Kentucky River, present day McRoberts, Kentucky. Joel died in 1834 in McRoberts, Ky.. Susanah died in April of 1860 in McRoberts, Letcher County (named after John Letcher, the then Kentucky Govenor). Their children, which numbered about twelve, left records in Perry, Letcher, Pike, Floyd, Owlsey, Bath, and Menifee Counties. Their known children are as follows:

Margaret James John Joel Ellis Hiram Elizabeth
Nancy Ann "Amy" Samuel W. George Susanah Andrew Jackson William


1.  Margaret Wright, born about 1806/08, in Lebanon, Russell         
     County, Virginia. Never married. She died after 1860.     
     Margaret had one child:

		a. Sidney Wright, born 1835, died 1908,

		   mother of William S. Wright, born 1855.

2.  James Wright born in 1811, in Lebanon, Russell County,     
    Virginia.  He married first September 11, 1832, in Perry         
    County, to Polly, daughter of Henry and Sarah (Henson) Ingle,
    son of William and Mary (Hancock) Ingle; and second to 
    Susanah England March 17, 1843. James and his second wife     
    moved to Floyd County about the time of the Civil War.   His     
    children were:

		a. Hulda Wright, born May 1834, married 

		   Ruben Potter.

		b. Joel Wright, born November 1836, married 

		   first Sidney, daughter of William and 

		   Christina (Crase) Adams and second to 

		   Louanna Pitts.

		c. Dacy Wright, born November 1839, married

		   George Washington Dixon.

		d. Matilda Wright, born 1841, 

		    married Tandy, brother of Pleasant, son of William 

		    Payne Johnson Jr and Matilda (Mullins).

		e. James Harrison Wright, born January 

		   1842, married June 28, 1864 in Floyd 

		   County to Seatta, daughter of Robert and 

		   Eleanor (Hicks) Baldridge, died October 

		   9, 1930.

		f. Joseph R. "Robin" Wright, born 1844, 

		   died June 20, 1852.

		g. Margaret Wright, born 1846.

		h. Henry C. Wright, born 1848. 

		   He died June 7,1853.

		i. Tolliver Wright, born January 15, 1864,

		   married April 11, 1877, Mary Jane Pitts.

		j. Mahala Wright, born January 15, 1854

		k. Minerva Wright, born August 1, 1857, 

		   died June 12, 1894. Minerva never 


		l. William Wright, born 1858

		m. Samuel Wright, born March 19, 1859
                n. George Wright, born May 1864, married
                   Elizabeth Beech, 2 Dec 1885.
                o. Rebecca Wright, born May 1868, married
                   James B. Gibson, 9 Feb 1897.

3.  John Wright, born in 1813, in Lebanon,  Russell County,     

    Virginia, married November 1, 1844 Mary Ann "Annie" (Bentley)     

    Elliott, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Crase) Bentley.     

    Mary had first married John Elliott. John and Mary's children     


		a. Benjamin Wright, born 1838, married

		   Serilda, daughter of Jesse and Margaret 

		   (Douglas) Austin.  He was killed in the

	           Civil War.

		b. Andrew Jefferson Wright, born 1841,

		   died September 19, 1903, married

	           November 12, 1865  Adaline, daughter

		   of Jarad and  Nancy (Parish) Brickey.

		   He moved to Elliott County, Kentucky.

		c. Hiram Wright, born October 1843, died

		   October 5, 1917, married March 3, 1866 

		   Serena,daughter of James and Polly  

		   (Hammond) Bowling.

	       d.  John Vint Wright, born 1845, married

		   Martha  ??.

	       e. Eliza Wright, born 1848, married September

		  26, 1881 Richard Johnson.

	       f. Louisa Wright born 1850. 
	       g. Elizabeth Wright, born 1852, married April

		  11, 1875 William Wright.  She died August 27,


		h. Joel Wright, born September 9, 1855,

		   married March 28, 1879 Charity Mullins

                   in Wise County, Virginia.

		i. Loucinda Wright, born 

		 Feberary 6, 1859, married December 4, 1880 

		  William P. Johnson.

		   Loucinda died September 15, 1948.  She is 

		   Buried at McRoberts, Kentucky.

4.  Joel Ellis Wright, born July 7, 1817, in Lebanon, Russell     

    County, Virginia, married Eliza Agness, daughter of 

John Wallis and Sarah (Walthrop) Bates.  

    Joel Ellis died September 24, 1879. Their children were:

		a. Soloman Wright, born 1841, murdered

		   in 1862. 

	        b.John Martin "Bad John M" Wright, born

		   April 17, 1844, died January 30, 1931.  

		c. Sarah "Sally" Wright, born March 10, 

	   	   1847, died November 8, 1925.  Married

	           July 15, 1869 Abraham Potter.

		d. Susan Wright, born 1851, died 1912, 

		   married July 8, 1882 first Thomas Davis

		   and second July 21, 1883 G. Martin Venters.

		e. William Jesse Wright, born September

		   1, 1853, died April 17, 1935, married April                    
                   11, 1875 first Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac                    
                   and Polly Moore, second to Mary Purdue on 

		   December 12, 1882, third to Mary E. 

		   Brummitt, fourth to Nickatie, daughter of 

		   Daniel Vanover on March 3, 1893.

 		f. Joel Martin Wright, born November 29,	

		   1856, died May 1, 1860.

		g. Joel Martin Wright, born November 29,

		   1856 died August 5, 1933, married 

		   May 30, 1877 Jane R. Venters in Wise

	           County, Virginia.

		h. "Kinky Haired" Samuel J. Wright, born

		   December 10, 1859, died August 7, 1921,

	           married September 4, 1880 Martha Jane,

   	           daughter of Henry and Matilda (Baker)                  

5.  Hiram Wright, ( Most probably a son, but not documented),     

    born in 1816, in Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia  married 

    a widow, Susan Roark, December 22, 1833 in Perry County.  

    They moved to Owsley County, Kentucky in the 1840's and were 

    later residents of Bath County.  Their children were:

		a. Polly Wright, born 1836.

		b. Celia Wright, born 1838, married William


		c. Jane Wright, born 1840, married August 

		   31, 1870 in Menifee County, Kentucky 

		   Thomas Ingram.

		d. Phoebe Wright, born 1845, married

		   July 12, 1861 Joel Dambrell.

		e. Susan Wright born 1848.

	        f. Charlotte Wright, born February 28, 

		   1854, married February 18, 1874 

                   John S. Kelley.

		g. Hiram W. Wright, born 1859, married 

		   March 13, 1879 Sarah Rowe.

		h. Clarinda Wright born 1862, married

	          James W. Hodge.

6.  Elizabeth Wright, born in March 7,1819 

    who married May 3, 1832 first to Richard Hall and second September 7, 

    1842 to  Henry Quillen, son of William Teaque and Peggy (Nation)  Quillen.     

    Their children were:

		a. Samuel Q. Hall, born 1836, married

		   December 11, 1856 Louisa Angeline Baker.

     	        b. Richard Hall, born 1839, married

		   Polly Bryant.

		c. Andrew Quillen, born 1842, died August 

		   20, 1918, married Susan Burke.

		d. Malon/Marion Quillen, born 1844.

	        e. Elizabeth Quillen, born 1845.

		f. James Quillen, born 1848, married

		   Malicy Hall, parents of Richard Quillen,

		   married Gertrude, parents of Bertha Carrie

		   Quillen, married Morgan Beckner Johnson,

		    parents of Mae Johnson, married William

		    Burnside Spears Spears.

		g. Catherine Quillen, born 1850.

	        h. Nancy Quillen, born July 27, 1853,

		   married January 4, 1872 Thomas Meade.

		i. Henry Quillen, born 1856, married 

7.  Nancy Ann "Amy" Wright, born May of 1821 died November     

    18,1904, married June 18, 1840 Frederick Nelson Fleming, son     

    of Robert and Elizabeth (Stumbo) Fleming.  Their children     

		a. Elizabeth Fleming, born January 1841.

		   married 23 June 1868 Nathaniel Houston.

		b. Susanah Fleming, born 1843, married

		   August 11, 1862 Thomas Stewart. 

	        c. Mary "Pop" Fleming, born February 21,1845, 

		   died September 27, 1918 married Richard Hall.

         	d. Lovina M. Fleming, born March 26, 1855, died 

	           February 24,1921, married May 10, 1873

		   Winfield Scott Johnson, son of Robert and

		   Easter (Branham) Johnson. Robert was the son 

		   William Payne Johnson Jr, brother of Pleasant 

		    and Tandy.

		e. Jane Perlina Fleming, born 1849.

		f. John Jefferson Fleming, born September 9, 

		   1852, married November 1880 Mary Frances 

		   Johnson, daughter of William Payne Johnson Jr 

		   and Matilda (Mullins). Jefferson died April 21, 1950.       
		g. Loveda M. Fleming, born April 11, 1848,  

		   married Doctor William Payne Johnson , 

		   son of Sebastian Johnson (brother of Pleasant, 

		   And Tandy) and Nancy (Hall) died October 16, 1907.
		h. William Fleming, born September 9, 1855.
	           Died September 9, 1855.

		j. Soloman Fleming, born March 10, 1861, 		   

                   married Esther Branham, died August 5, 


	       k. Clarinda Fleming,born March 10, 1861,  

		  died January 5, 1926, married Thomas Bentley. 

	       l. Elijah Fleming, born February 1865, married 

		  Martha Hall.

	       j. Edia (Edy) Fleming born 1850, married January

		  10, 1875 William Finley Bentley.

8. Samuel W. Wright, born in June of 1822, in Lebanon, Russell      

   County, Virginia. He married first to Elizabeth, daughter of     

   William and Christina (Crace) Adams and lived in Pike County.    

   His second wife was Margaret S. Addington. He died 10 October    

   1906 in Letcher Co., Kentucky.  Their children were:

		a. Joel Wright, born 1842, married Margaret

		   Elmers.  (Note: Many say Margaret was a

		b. Charity/Charlotte "Chat" Wright, born

		   May 1846, married Booker, son of James 

		   and Mary (Newsome) Mullins.

		c. Andrew J. Wright, born November 14, 1847 

		   at Beefhide in Letcher County, married 

		   Nancy, daughter of James and Elizabeth 

		   (Adams) Bates.  She was born October 28, 

		   1848 at Millstone in Letcher  County.  

		   Andrew died January 28, 1919. Nancy died 

		   September 10, 1927.  Andrew is buried in 

		   the Samuel Wright Cemetery at Beefhide

                   and Nancy is buried in the Nancy Wright 
                   Cemetery at Beefhide, Kentucky.

		d. Samuel Wright, born 1850, married 

		   February 16, 1871 Mary Elizabeth 

		   (Vanover) Bentley.

		e. William Wright, born August 1855, 

		   married April 11, 1875 Elizabeth

		   "Blackhawk" Wright.  William died

                   April 7, 1918 and Elizabeth died 

 		   August 27, 1931.  They are both buried

                   in the Hall/Trivett Cemetery, Jonancy,

                   Pike County, Kentucky.
		f. Elizabeth Wright, born May 10,1856, married

		   February 23, 1873 Benjamin F., brother of Pleasant, 

		   Tandy, Sebastian, son of William Payne Johnson

		   and Matilda (Mullins).  Elizabeth died

		   February 18, 1918 and she is buried at Long 
		    Fork, (Etty) Kentucky.	
		g. Alexander Wright, born April 15, 1857, 

		   at Beefhide, Kentucky.  He married 

		   first Mary Matilda Collier.  His second 

		   wife was Hannah, daughter of Nathaniel 

		   and Elizabeth (Fleming) Houston. Hannah 

		   was born December 29 1863 and died 

		   September 29, 1960.  Alexander died 

		   September 21, 1920, at Rockhouse in 

		   Letcher County.

		h. King Soloman Wright, born August 12, 

		   1860, died November 1931, married July 19,

		   1883 Eliza Jane Addington. Both are buried

		   at Whitaker, Kentucky. 

		i. James Wright, born December 1862, 

		   married first Louisa Long, second 

		   Melvina Mullins and third Lizzie Quillen.
		   James is buried in the Samuel Wright

		   Cemetery at Beefhide, Kentucky.

		j. Susan Wright, born July 1873, married 

		   first Joel Wright , second Lawrence Heddon, 

		   third Lee Henson.

		k. Martha Wright, born 1875, married Andrew


		l. Mary Elizabeth Wright, born January 19,1877, 

		   married John Wesley White.
		m. Zeighler Wright, born October 6,1879, 

		   married Victoria "Birdy" Mullins.  Zeighler

                   February 13, 1951.  

		n. Elijah Wright, born April 25, 1880,  at 

		   Beefhide in Letcher County.  He married 

		   first Mary Jane, daughter of  William and 

		   Mahala J. Mullins and second Tisha 

		   Quillen.  He died January 17, 

		   1971 and was buried at Beefhide.
		o. Ellen Wright, born after 1880.  She died

		   at age 12 years.
		p. Dow Wright, born December 12, 1885 at 

		   Beefhide in Pike County.  He married 

		   Louise Jane, dauther of McCager and 

		   Freelove (Wright) White.  He died March 16,


		q. Hortense Wright, born December 19, 1885, 

		   married Columbus White December 6, 1905.

		   She died February 9,1975 and is buried in the

		   Lick Fork Cemetery at Beefhide, Kentucky.

		r. Benjamin "Bennie" Wright, born November 

		   1890, married Eliza Ann Henson, born 

		   1895.  He is buried in the Samuel Wright

		   Cemetery at Beefhide.  He was killed by a

		   falling tree.

9.  George Wright, born in March 19, 1829, in McRoberts,     
    Kentucky, in then Perry, later Letcher County, died June 12,     

    1890. He married February 22, 1855 Mary "Pop" Potter, born     

    1836.  She was a  daughter of Isaac and Mary (Houston)     

    Potter.  Their children were:

		a. Mary Manerva Wright, born December 31, 

	 	   1858, married Wilson Bryant.

         	b. Dorothy Nancy Wright, born 1858.

		c. William Wright, born 1860, married

		   Catherine "Katy" Elswick in 1879.

		d. Mahala Wright, born October 8, 1861,

		   married November 25, 1879 General Rose.

		   Mahala died April 8, 1890.

		e. Isaac Wright, born March 12, 1865, in 

		   Letcher County.  He married March 31, 

		   1855 in Dickenson County, Virginia to 

		   Susanah, daughter of Rubin and Elizabeth 

		   (Powers) Rose. Susanah was born 

		   September 9, 1870 in Wise County, 

		   Virginia and died June 30, 1936 at War 

		   Creek, West Liberty, Kentucky.  Isaac 

		   died July 6, 1927 at Spaulds Creek in 

		   Morgan County, Kentucky.  They were 

		   buried in Elam Cemetery, Spaulds Creek 

		   in Morgan County.

  		f. "Broad" Samuel G. Wright, born March 

		   12, 1865, died April 19, 1943married  

		   first Matilda Newsome in 1888 and second 

		   Mary Hawkins.
		g. Mary "Polly" Wright, born 1868, married 

		   April 14, 1887 to Alexander Bentley.

		h. John F. Wright, born March 1871, married

		   May 10, 1895 Phoebe Powers.

		i. Morgan Wright, born 1872, died January

		   15, 1874.

		j. Infant Wright, born May 1, 1876, 

		   died December 19, 1876.

		k. George William Wright, born December 20, 

		   1876, died 1956, married Sarah Etta Rose.

		l. Joel Martin Wright, born May 1, 1885,

		   married Mary Killen.

10.  Susanah Wright, born October 15, 1826, died January 13,      

     1915, never married.  She is buried in Meade Cemetery,      

     Appletree Br., Rockhouse, Kentucky.  She was the mother of      

     three children:

		a. Lutisha Wright, born December 16, 1843, 

		   married October 12, 1873 James Madison

		   Meade.  She died November 15, 1924.

		b. Anna Wright, born December 1849, married

		   March 8, 1881 Lewis Hall.

		c. Andrew Wright, born January 18, 1853, died 

		  January 13, 1886, married Mary Jane, daughter 
                  of William and Rebecca (Meade) Collier.

11.  Andrew Jackson Wright, born about 1827, at McRoberts, died       

     November 13, 1878, married June 13, 1843 Harriett, daughter     

     of William and Christina (Crase) Adams.  Their children          


		a. William Wright, born 1847, married April 26,

	           1869 Mary M. Bryant.

		b. Freelove Wright, born January 19, 1849,

		   died January 4, 1941, married April 18, 1872 

		   Macager, son of Alfred and Elizabeth (Adams) 


		c. Harriett Elizabeth Wright, born 1851, 

		   died August 10, 1923, married Benjamin 

		   Brown July 15, 1871.

		d. George Wright, born March 21, 1853,  

		   died November 7, 1934.  He married Harriett 

		   Addington, February 19, 1876.

		e. Jemima Wright, born June 28, 1855.

         	f. Loucinda "Sidney" Wright, born January 

	           15,1855, married September 14, 1878 John,

	           son of James and Jane Perlina (Potter) 


		g. Samuel Wright, born 1857, married 1881 

		   Manerva (Bentley) Rife.

		h. Clarinda Wright, born 1861, married 
	           October 16, 1880 Martin Adams.

		i. Elijah Wright, born 1863, married August

		   7, 1897 in Dickenson County, Virginia

		   Thursa Bartley.

		j. Mary Wright, born April 13, 1865, married

		   November 17, 1886 in Dickenson County, 

                   Virginia William "Stonewall" Jackson Wright,

	           son of Aaron and Isabelle (Deaton) 

		   Wright. Aaron is descended from James

		   and Mary (Davis) Wright, who were

		   Quaker Ministers from Frederick County 

		   Maryland.  Mary died September 12, 1955 in

	           Matewan, West Virginia.

		k. Isaac Wright, born 1867, married 

		   December 14, 1888 Elizabeth,  

		   daughter of Booker andCharity (Wright)                    

		l. Andrew Monroe Wright, born 1870, married

		   May 30, 1889 Eunice Hawkins.

		m. Booker Wright, born July 1872, at 

		   McRoberts, Kentucky.  He married first 

		   in 1897  Cordelia, daughter of William 

		   and Elizabeth "Black Hawk" (Wright) 

		   Wright.  He married second Ellen, 

		   daughter of John and Mary Elizabeth 

		   "Tump" (Johnson) Stewart.  He also 

	           married, Rebecca Johnson, Exers Sowards,

		   and Elsie Calmo.

		n. Nancy "Monk" Wright, born 1878, died 1964, 

		   married September 12, 1894 George W. , son

		   of Booker and Charity (Wright) Mullins. Nancy

		   is buried in the "Old Solomon" Wright 

	           Cemetery at Beefhide, Kentucky.

12.  William Wright, born 1830 at McRoberts, Perry County,           

     married January 25, 1855 to Nancy Hughes.